Why Us

Why Us
We’re in the service industry: we realize that an absolutely hassle-free experience is the need that brings you to us. Our pro-active approach means that we invest in a systems-oriented organization. We think ahead. And we understand the crucial importance of complete and comprehensive information systems.

Our tracking systems enable us to know what is where, and how to get it to you.These combined with the Cirrus team’s experience and hands-on expertise, position us to serve our clients’ diverse needs – and to be prepared for the surprises that are often second-nature to our industry.

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Our Services

Our Services
  1. 1
    Ocean Freight Services
    Cirrus International is uniquely positioned to handle all aspects of your shipment from launch to catch …read more
  2. 2
    Air Freight Services
    Airfreight is a premium and costly service, so our program focuses on quick transit and constant communication to minimize cost. Based on our expertise in air consolidation and forwarding…read more
  3. 3
    Customs House Brokerage
    With the current emphasis on global sourcing, coupled with security concerns, customs have assumed an increasingly important role in Supply Chain Management. Our Customs services…read more
  4. 4
    Afghan Transit Trade
    Ever since world economies and organizations, such as the UN, started contributed financially and materially for the reconstruction of landlocked Afghanistan in 2002…read more
  5. 5
    Distribution & Warehousing Services
    We aim to provide wide-ranging distribution and warehousing services to our customers. These services facilitate users with a real time, flexible and improved…read more
  6. 6
    Value Added Services
    At Cirrus, we believe in excelling in the provision of quality services. Value addition in our services is a way to further enhance standards for ourselves. We believe that constant improvements…read more
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How We Help You

How We Help You
As a provider of complete logistics solutions, we are trusted for our expertise, systems and dynamic organizational culture.Our global network supports highly integrated flexible and cost-effective services. With our vast experience in all freight modes, we are able to ship, handle and deliver our clients’ products safely and reliably. Our team develops customized, multimodal, intra-regional and international services in line with Quality Assurance and ERP, MIS systems.

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